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Fun with Our Fav Megalomaniacs! or Not Another Elitist Thread

WerdnaWerdna Registered User
edited September 2008 in Debate and/or Discourse
So who are some of our favorite megalomaniacs these days? Pop cultural references should be included. Not just some ignorable list. So include interviews, quotes, articles, youtube, blogs, and celebrity websites you think are awesome. Actors, artists, politicians, or even just some minor local hometown idiots are included.

I'm ok if this thread fails, as dismissive elitist pop-cultural comments can become tiresome. Hopefully this thread will result in throwing down some funny shit before derailing into something altogether banal. I'm definitely guilty of making divisive comments towards others' tastes for things often crappy and pissing people off. Point is: I recognize there exists a fine line.

Here, I'm interested in letting those we love to hate or vice versa speak for themselves and for us to discuss/laugh. This thread is also open to discussing that fine line between irritability and honest fun of those who esteem to poke fun at what so many others love -- not tastes but what we see as self-important imposing people in the media.

My obvious pick is none other than our notable cultural warrior:

As far as film goes, let us not forget:

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