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WAR IN THE PACIFIC! (LP Silent Hunter)

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8 DEC 1941

America is about to embark on a fateful mission to drive the evil forces of the Japanese Empire back across the Pacific and teach them the lesson they deserve for attacking our country! Sure, you want to get involved. I understand that. But do you really want to be a Marine, dug into some sand hole on a stinkin' island with people shooting at you constantly? We've got the real secret weapon that's gonna win the war right here:


That's right, buddy. I'm here recruiting submariners. Never been on a sub? You'll love it. Nice and cozy. You get to sail the open sea and if anyone comes along to bother you, just dive and they can't do anything about it.

Best thing, we're going after their merchants that will be hauling food and guns to their troops. You think a bunch of traders are going to stand up to the U.S. Navy? And think of how much of a hero you'll be. Can't shoot your buddies if they are hungry and out of ammo, right?

I'll tell you what. Sign up and I'll even let you vote for what you think our boat should be named.

What do we do on a sub? Well we do this:


and this


Oh, you mean what kind of job. Well, the Captain, he's in charge. He'll need a few officers too, but mostly the positions are the following:
  • Mechanics to work in the engine rooms, keeps us running nice and smooth
  • Deck watchmen to keep an eye out for any Japanese convoys
  • Helmsmen, they keep the sub pointed in the right direction
  • Torpedo crew, that sounds like fun but you better make sure you don't drop one of those things on your foot
  • Radar and hydrophone operators in the conning tower, these guys have to have great ears and stay alert for their whole shift
  • Also on the deck I'll need a few guys who can man the deck guns. Sometimes you don't want to waste the torpedo, you know?
There's three shifts, so there's plenty to go around. Just sign here and you'll be cruising the calm waters of the sunny Pacific in no time!

In this LP, I'll be playing the campaign mode of Silent Hunter IV with the Trigger Maru Overhaul mod installed and the Run Silent, Run Deep campaign mode, just to make it challenging. Anyone who wants to be a peon on my boat can let me know with the classic !Sign Up. It won't be as glamorous as X-Com, but you get to help blow up the Japanese, so there's that.

Also, taking suggestions on what to name my sub.

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