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Chuck: Inside a Freakish Bubble of Handsomeness

Okay so this is Chuck:


He's got all these government secrets in his head and now he's got to deal with shit like gangsters and international terrorists and spies and crap because his old buddy from college, Bryce Larkin, felt that getting him kicked out of Stanford and stealing his girlfriend wasn't enough and decided to send him an e-mail containing said government secrets right before Bryce got himself killed by this guy:


Major John Casey of the NSA. And not only that, but the NSA and the CIA both managed to track down where the e-mail was sent, so he had to deal with people breaking his computer and pointing guns at him for reasons he wasn't even sure of. Luckily, the CIA sent their best Agent to deal with the situation in a manner that involved less bullets being fired at Chuck:


This is Agent Sarah Walker of the CIA, Bryce's old partner (and lover :shock:), and probably Chuck's best hope for survival. Through her ties to the CIA and Chuck's demonstration of his ability to defuse a bomb with a porn virus, she manages to spare Chuck's life. But now his life is filled with missions and lies and such, although he does manage to strike up some kind of romantic connection with the new dame in his life, although it's technically only a cover relationship. Because now Sarah and Casey have been assigned to protect their new "Asset" and follow up on any intel his mind spits out.

Meanwhile, Chuck attempts to balance his new secret job with his civilian job at the Buy More and tries to keep on good terms with his sister (the only real family he has left), her boyfriend (the appropriately dubbed Captain Awesome) and his best friend/"soul mate"/sand worm costume buddy Morgan while trying to save the world.

Chuck is an excellent show. I'm pretty sure this summary is terrible though. Oh well! The cast is fantastic, the guest stars this season seem to be picked for more than just name recognition, the show is slowly building its own mythology that actually kind of makes sense (I know!), and it manages to balance drama and comedy better than most shows that bill themselves as dramedies ever do. Plus, even though the main character is a geek, it doesn't fall into the trap of making shitty jokes that are nothing but references to nerdy things, which is amazing.

The first season of thirteen episodes just came out on DVD last Tuesday (buy it but keep in mind that the first two episodes are easily the weakest of the series), and though the second season doesn't officially premiere until next Monday at 8/7 Central on NBC (before Heroes!), you can catch it on Hulu and a week early. And watch it! This show is great and deserves more viewers than it gets.

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