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Warhammer Online is pretty rad

KoshianKoshian __BANNED USERS regular
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so I guess this game is pretty fun, huh?

here's a thread for it

quite a few people seem to be playing it in a bunch of different guilds, so a list of them might come in handy

there are the Candymancers and Six Mouths over in GnT

Social Entropy has a chaos guild (Squig Bandits) in Azazel, and a few people here are playing with Goon Squad/Squigs on the same server

People playing this:

Projeck - penjgeck
RubberAC - Wickywocky
Arete - Mauth
Transporter - Keldara
Squig Bandits: (website)
Koshian - Haskion, Niahosk
the cheat - Goobler
Ninjer - Grumbly
AHH! - Babby
Goon Squig:
Weaver - Bastogne

(Probably) Candymancers:
Mysst - Thorskrall
Projeck - belobog
RubberAC - Nomgargador
Fandyien - Fandyien
Draevel - Roeland, Pietrus, Odalaine
yourclothes - ahsack
their gay dwarf thing:
the cheat - Moggir, Bzztclear
Ninjer - Daggrin, Ems

Finuvial Plains (euro server):
bent - LoveWagon

(PM me if you want on the list. I'm probably not gonna keep up with this thread)

Koshian on


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