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I think everyone here is pretty cool

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It seems to me that there has been an awful lot of negativity in SE++ lately

seems a lot of it was brought on by that terrible webcomic thread but in general it just feels like everyone is shouting and flinging shit and being dicks way more than usual

and maybe we're even justified in being dicks but let's give that a rest, hmm?

so think of forumers here who are cool and say something positive about them

-Belruel and ChicoBlue are really good at drawing things, that is a good thing to be good at

-Muse Among Men draws too I guess, but mostly she got me into MS Paint Adventures so that's enough

-Centipede Damascus has good opinions about stuff, I wish to subscribe to his newsletter

-I don't actually know any of the regulars all that well, but guys like Bale and Rank and Weaver are all intelligent and respectable dudes from what I can read, and have been known to be awesome on occasion

-I know I am forgetting a lot of people but you guys will fill those in

-Defender is actually really good at debating things, though this is mostly because he won't back down and just crushes people under the sheer weight of his opinions; I have disagreed with him at times but never said anything about it because I can't hold my own

-Skull Man was not a bad person, he just made some bad choices

-Wiggin, YES WIGGIN TOO, Wiggin may frequently regress to a circa-13-year-old mentality and lash out angrily, but to be honest, when I was 13 he is the sort of guy who would be in my circle of friends and we'd all be cool with him even if he got on our nerves because he's a friend and 13 year old friends stick together, so I guess this was kind of a backhanded hypothetical compliment


Ok guys, so try to put aside petty differences and come up with some compliments, as difficult as that might be for some people

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