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There's a Snake in my Room

StraightziStraightzi The rock, the vulture, and the chainAll that the proud can feel of painRegistered User regular
edited October 2008 in Singularity Engine++
So I get home from a long day at ren faire today, and I've got some time to kill so I am like, "Hey look, internet time!"

So I make my way down into my basement, where my computer happens to be parked, my trusty canine sidekick trotting at my heels. I flick on the lights and have hardly settled into my favorite computing chair when my dog starts freaking the hell out over in the corner.

So I'm all like, "Nala, fuckin' quit it"

And she goes and lies down, revealing to me a medium sized gardner snake writhing around the floor.

I then proceed to freak out a bit, but unlike my dog, I do not attack it with my teeth, but rather head over to the kitchen and go and grab a large metal pot cover, with which I have every intent of trapping the snake and then removing it from the premises.

And I'm standing, staring at this snake, getting closer and closer to it, pot cover raised up for reasons I am now finding rather elusive.

When it sees me and darts under my bookshelf.

Where I assume it is chilling right now.

Straightzi on


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