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[AC Challenge Thread] Crime-fighting Hobo

ScosglenScosglen Registered User regular
edited October 2008 in Artist's Corner
The Crime-Fighting Hobo
Like Batman, but dirty and homeless, and not just for pretend.

This malodorous vagrant lives on the streets. His modus operandi is to clean up the scum of the city starting from the very bottom of the barrel. Hobo justice is swift and fair.

How does our musty protagonist fight crime and protect the innocent? Is he the charismatic leader of an underground hobo militia? Does he have the power to communicate with urban pests and command a legion of pigeons, rats and stray cats to do his bidding? Does he assemble ramshackle gadgets from street refuse? Ancient chinese martial arts gleaned from studying thrown out fortune cookies? Maybe he just chases off muggers with broken bottles or swings a stapler around.

Create your very own hobo hero!

Deadline: October 16


For those of you who frequent the forums this should be pretty familiar; tens of artistic combatants thrown together in to an artistic arena, each struggling for the honor of being dubbed a master of the visual arts. Those of you who succeed will be bathed in glory and the blood of their competitors, those of you who fail will be exiled to a life of shame and isolation.

The aim of this thread is to try and spice things up a bit here in the ol' Artist's Corner. This thread is for entries in to the challenge or the discussion thereof. If you'd like to suggest a topic for the weekly challenge, go right ahead, but understand that the last winner of the challenge has total control over the task (unless they have won more than two challenges in a row, see rules).

The rules are simple;


* One entry per person, per challenge.
* A contestant cannot win more than two challenges in a row.
* Winner gets the privilege of choosing the next challenge.
* At the end of a challenge, the thread is locked and a new one is begun.
* Stick to the challenge topic; no going off on a tangent.
* All formats welcome, whether they be traditional or digital; 2D or 3D; still or animated.

If you're looking for inspiration, check out the aforementioned forums (specifically the creature/environment/character of the week sections).


CHALLENGE 1: A Hidden World
CHALLENGE 2: Red vs. Blue
CHALLENGE 3: Satan's Teapot

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