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Nintendo 64 Obscure Games Thread: Quality Optional

RocketlexRocketlex Registered User
edited October 2008 in Games and Technology
The Nintendo 64 was a great console. Lots of people had 'em. Games like Super Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time still stand up today as great titles with groundbreaking gameplay and slavish attention to quality and fun. However, like most systems and most Nintendo systems in particular, today the N64 is remembered only for a few high-profile games with the majority of the system's library disappearing into the mists of obscurity.

Taking my cue from the obscure PS1 games thread which appeared recently, I figured it might be interesting to take a look back and pool our collective memories of N64 games which no one seems to remember anymore. I personally was in the 12-15 age range when I had my N64, and every weekend I'd rent a different game from the local game retailer, so I experienced a very wide range of games, both highlights and low-lights. A lot of my personal memories of the console are going to be filtered through that period of my life when I was willing to throw myself wholeheartedly into any-damn-thing for a weekend.

And on that note, let me get this ball rolling...


Bomberman Hero was a bit of an oddball as far as Bomberman games go. There had been a previous game, Bomberman 64, which tried to put Bomberman-style gameplay into the 3D setting, but Bomberman Hero went in a different direction. Instead of trying to rigidly copy the Bomberman formula, Bomberman Hero was a just a 3D platformer starring Bomberman with gameplay only loosely inspired by previous games.

And the results were pretty awesome.


Instead of laying bombs as traps, in this game you just threw bombs which exploded on impact. You could also drop and kick bombs, like in previous games, but the toss was your main ability. Bomberman could also charge up and fire a spread of bombs to take out several enemies at once. It made for a really fun mechanic. Nothing like previous Bomberman games, but satisfying as hell.

As you can see on the title screen, the game's other gimmick was that Bomberman could get different attachments which change his powers. He could turn into a jet, a helicopter, a submarine and a...well...a guy on a snowboard. Each of these transformations completely changed the gameplay and were generally levels unto themselves. As Jet Bomberman, the game was basically an on-rails shooter similar to Starfox, whereas Copter Bomberman had a top-down perspective and you drop bombs on bad guys. These sections were fun, although they tended to be a bit annoying to control.

In general, the game just did a lot to change up the gameplay and keep things fresh. In some levels you get ice bombs which allow you to freeze enemies and use them as platforms. Another level had special salt bombs which were the only way to kill slug enemies, but were completely ineffective against regular baddies, so you had to keep switching back and forth. The amount of variety was pretty surprising.

My only real gripe as a kid was with the difficulty. Some of the bosses in particular could be really unforgiving. Bomberman himself was fairly slow so you needed a really fast reaction time if you wanted to dodge some of the enemies and projectiles coming your way. This wasn't a problem in most of the levels proper where a little strategy could get you the upper hand, but in boss encounters where it's just some crazy creature jumping around trying to smack you, it could get frustrating in a hurry.

So that's my opening bid. Share your thoughts. I'd love to see how deep this gets.

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