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What do Alice Cooper and the Canadian Elections have in common?

Caulk Bite 6Caulk Bite 6 Registered User regular
edited October 2008 in Singularity Engine++
They're both coming to Kitchener, Ontairo on Oct 14!

We got this guy

Comin' to my town, on his Psychodrama Tour,to help us assuage our fears for the future, our dread that we made the wrong decision just hours earlier, and to ROCK THE FUCK OUT!

As for the elections, we get to choose (in a roundabout manner) which of these assholes gets to Prime Minister until they decide the polls are favourable enough to call another election.

Steven Harper
He's been accused, much like Al Gore, of being a robot. I think this video proves it.

Just look at that empty, soulless stare, as it attempts to replicate the thing we call "Emotion". He's also the current PM.

Stephan Dion
I admittedly don't know much about him, but what I've heard is that he's a little out of touch with the non-university professor crowd. I don't know, but here's a video

Jack Layton
He's the leader of the New Democratic Party, and still like to think he has any chance of actually making it to the office of PM. It's kind of cute, really.

See? Hopeless romantic.

Elizabeth May
The Green Party candidate. I know even less about her, but the Greens are apparently a more grassroots party (no sad pun intended).

This observation is based on the following video

All that said, don't vote for the leader, that's stupid. Figure out what your local MPs stand for, and vote accordingly.

But enough about all that political bullshit

Any of you seen this guy Live? I certainly haven't, and neither have the two guys I'm going with ((Treborias and Pony). I swear though, if anyone says word one about how he used to be better, I will come to your home and cut you.

So, Alice Cooper and/or the Canadian Elections. Discuss!

Caulk Bite 6 on


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