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a world of goo

potatoepotatoe Registered User regular
edited October 2008 in Singularity Engine++

so, you know those bridge-builder games where you have to build a bridge across the gap so a train or a car or a goat can get across? world of goo is like that, but much more organic, and with a lemmings kind of feel to it. also cooler because it has pretty colors and decent music


your goal in each level is to use your supply of gooballs to build a goo tower, bridge, or whatever you can to get you to the end of the level, which is actually a pipe leading to the goo factory (since, you see, the gooballs are delicious). there are a few different types of gooballs that you get to use, from the standard to balloons to reusable to some things i've only read about but never used since i just bought this. it's all quite sexy.

here's a trailer form well over a year ago, which is what got me excited for this game in the first place:

and here's the trailer that i guess belongs to the wii version (although it is also out for steam. you should buy it for the wii anyway since it's a wiiware title and everyone needs a reason to turn on their cute little white box every so often)

so you should buy it because everyone loves physics games and supporting independent games is super cool
plus it's only like $15

potatoe on
I tried to write "but that" and my hands naturally wrote "butt hat", which is vastly superior in every way.


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