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Moment of the Week - October 22 2008

MunchMunch Registered User regular
edited November 2008 in Graphic Violence
In Blue Beetle, Traci 13 is having trouble conjuring anything besides carrots, due to yet another upheaval in the world of magic.


Man, Bendis is never going to work with Leinil Yu again after Secret Invasion.


I wonder why Thundra's been getting pushed so heavily lately. She's co-starred in a special with Hulk, been in the Hulk ongoing, and now here she is in She-Hulk. Also? Love this art style. I want to see this dude on Flash one day.


In the DCU Halloween Special, Duncan Rouleau knocks one out of the park with a lighthearted Etrigan story.


And here's a bit on the Dibnys.

Moment of the WEAK


If Sean McKeever kills Sapphire off in the course of writing his weak-ass teenage snuff porn, I am gonna burn some shit down. To the ground motherfuckers.

Munch on


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