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Great Deal of Skill, Great Lack of Pride

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And I ran to the bedroom where my wife was sleeping, and I said, "HONEY I SAVED THE WORLD."

"...were you playing for eleven and a half hours?"

"...but I saved the world..."
Ben wrote:
Of course, the problem with playing it alone is that when you finally do get your mates around, suddenly you've turned into THAT GUY. Don't pretend you don't know what I mean. THAT GUY who's so much better than everyone else at the game, because he plays it on his own, the loser. Suddenly you're not in it for fun anymore, and the ghoulish grins of your uncoordinated friends fill you with contempt. Soon you seek out other THAT GUYs for the sake of a decent challenge. And then you're lost. You're a fanboy. Congratulations, line up for your free t-shirt and cat ears.

Sometimes you do something awesome in a game, and yet for some reason...it embarrasses you. Maybe because only the most obsessed, friendless dork could have done it, or it's some sort of sexual thing in an otherwise-nonsexual game. In this thread, discuss achievements that you are for some reason reluctant to admit. In my case, despite having played the game off and on since 1991, I had not beaten Bowser or made it to the Special world in Super Mario World by myself until...yesterday.

But the point I remains I did it! ...yesterday.


Your tales of awesome woe? Perhaps creating a wang-shaped and fully-operational city in SimCity? Winning Spore with a race that look like a bunch of wangs? Re-writing all the dialogue in Alpha Centauri to be intelligibly about a world where the economy is based on wangs and the sucking thereof? Perhaps grabbing coins in Super Mario from a large batch so that the small remainder look--and this is just as an example--wanglike in outline? (Then pausing the game to tape words to the screen saying, if i.e. you are playing two-player and the other guy is Luigi, "Luigi's wang" with an arrow pointing to the pitifully small number of coins?)

Astound and amaze and appall us.

Shadowen on


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