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Here's a little story I got to tell

FutoreFutore Registered User regular
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Public Radio!

Now that I've filtered out all of the wretched philistines, let us get down to business.

I've come to love public radio in its many forms. It can play fancy pants classical music, which I used to love listening to while I drove late at night, or have wonderful and informative news reports of the day's events. But that's not what we're here for today.

We're here to dork about the art of storytelling through via public radio.

And now i'm guessing only Fandy, Orikaeshigaturgid, Kovak, and a few other nerds are still reading. Oh, and Druhim because he is old and [joke that correlates old people with radio].

Let us talk about how terrifically public radio does story telling. And we all must admit that radio has gone from its original roots now on to the internet via internet radios and even better: podcasts! Is that an incorrect use of colon? I don't know right now because i'm now rushing the OP!

There is the positively magnificent radio show out of WBEZ Chicago

hosted by this dude who i totally have the biggest man-crush on.

This American Life also has a weekly podcast of the show so that you can bring it around on your iPod or whatever like I do. The show really is the nicest thing. The level of storytelling through the show is, for me, breathtaking. I will admit that I haven't cried for something sad that has happened in my life for years and years. I just don't, but this show makes me shed tears rather often through joy or sadness along with a great deal of hope. And the stories are all about real life!

We've also got classic stuff like

which Fandy recently found the original recording of for me. here

Before you listen to that, you should go to that Wikipedia thing and read a brief history about it. The whole thing is executed magnificently by Orson Welles.

In the last few days, I've picked up a bit of obsession with looking for readings of classic horror literature. I found some readings of Poe on iTunes by the University of South Florida under something they do called Lit2Go. It's pretty rad, but the real gems of horror readings are found through public radio because they do spooky voice performances and have great ambiance noise/music in the background.
  • So I need some help finding good websites for those spooky readings of classic horror stories.
  • Also discuss great podcasts that are beautiful storytelling!
  • Also also discuss how great public radio is for storytelling!

I'm going to clean up this OP a little later and organize it better as well as update it with new finds so that there is an easy place to find cool stories and gay shit like that! I'll also change the thread title to something other than a Beastie Boys lyric once I think of something better! Super promise! Exclamation point!

update: Lit2Go, where i got the Poe stuff has a huge website where you can listen to a whole bunch of classics

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