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Mustangs and Audis are for fags | Car Thread

ButtersButters A glass of some milksRegistered User regular
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So we haven't had a new car thread in a while and I haven't had a new car in a while. It looks like I've finally saved up enough and can pass on my trusty 1998 STS to my brother and get some new wheels for myself.

Up for consideration:

Infinity G37:

Definitely pushing the limit of my income even if I get a good deal on a used one but it's Stale's fault because he gave me the idea and I can't resist that color on that car for some reason I can't explain. In fact I think he should have to help me with a down payment. It's only fair.

Nissan Altima Coup:

Much more affordable than the Infinity but not quite as sexy. Also doesn't look as good in blue. But this I can get new and pretty tricked out and the front-wheel drive would be better for the Cleveland weather.

I've been looking at coupes because if I ever need a truck for something my dad has like 4.

Nissam Maxima:

Quite a bit more car than the other two but I really like the new design.

So anyone have suggestions for other models or places to shop? I've checked,,, and some local listings. Any other good source for finding slightly used cars I am missing here?

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