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ANIMAL CROSSING | if i could start again, a million miles away

Sara LynnSara Lynn Registered User regular
edited December 2008 in Singularity Engine++
You knew I had to be the one to make this thread.

Animal Crossing: City Folk is the third game in the AC series, and debuts on the Wii on Novemeber 16th in the US. (Euros have to wait until December 5th, and Aussies have to wait until December 13th)

If you're not familiar with the series, I'll help you out.

You're a young, upstanding citizen. You can be a boy or a girl, and questions will be asked by salty taxi driver named Kapp'n to determine this among other things. You'll be dropped off unceremoniously in the town, left to wander and fend for yourself. Eventually you meet up with the town's businessman, Nook, who tells you he built you a house but now you have to pay for it. It doesn't really matter that you didn't ask, just do it. The more debts you pay off, the bigger house you get, and the more money you will owe. It is a vicious cycle, but it does eventually end, I promise.

Your town is full of lovable animal friends, that say the darndest things. Seriously. Sometimes they say some bizarre shit. Maybe you didn't need to know that your dog-neighbor washes her hair with some kind of tea shampoo, or whatever, but they don't really care. Sometimes they'll tell you that there's something they REALLY REALLY want, like a certain kind of shirt or piece of furniture, and they'll love you a whole bunch if you can manage to get it for them. They have personal relationships with each other, albeit shallow ones, and sometimes you can eavesdrop on their conversations. They might drag you in the middle to settle an argument, but animals never stay mad for long.

There's a retarded amount of stuff to keep yourself busy in this game. You can beautify your town by planting trees (regular and the fruity kind) and flowers, and if you're OCD enough to plant your flowers in a specific pattern you might even get some hybrids. You can dig up fossils and give them to the museum, fish and catch bugs, shit man you can do anything. There are fishing/bug catching competitions so you can get yourself some trophies, to show off in that beautiful house that you will never be done paying for. There are holidays to correlate with real world holidays, and the town celebrates all four seasons. Even when you shut the game off, the town goes on without you. Weeds continue to sprout, neighbors can move in and out, etc. If you log in after a long time, people will be excited to see you!

The Wii game gives you more freedom than previous games, as you can actually LEAVE THE TOWN! Unlike the Let's Play Animal Crossing story, you do have the freedom to leave and visit the "city," thus the name. Duh. You can get your hair did, change your face into your Mii's face, harass people, whatever.

The game's graphics are pretty nostalgic, I heard people bitching about them at PAX but really it wouldn't be Animal Crossing if it didn't look this adorable. It's a lot like the DS version, but prettier, which is to be expected.



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