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Sunday Morning [Micro] Phalla: It's here! Infernal Spawn of Evil Victory!

DevoutlyApatheticDevoutlyApathetic I've Done WorseRegistered User regular
edited November 2008 in Critical Failures
New idea time, let's see if this is a horrible failure.

This is a traditional Phalla game with a twist in round length. Rounds will be an hour and this game will resolve sometime today, earlier than 11 EST at the latest. I'd like to get around at least 9 or 10 people to run this but I will run the game regardless.

If you can check in once between each hour today you should be fine. If you're going to miss a large number you should probably just pass on this game. If it works there will be another.

Sign up in the traditional fashion. I would like to get started by 1 PM EST but that's going to depend on how many people we get. 1 PM is a little early for the PST-ers out there. The game will run so long as we get 4 people to commit and it's a valid game.

I go now to get food to fortify myself.

Player List:
Unearthly Stew, Villager, killed by a random mob.
CJ Iwakura, seer, death by chocolate.
Rainfall, villager, death by a random mob.
kime, strangled to death with a scarf.


Sign ups close at 1:45 PM

Standard Phalla Rules Apply, no dead men talking, no anonymous contact and so on and so forth. All role assigned randomly via RNG.

DevoutlyApathetic on
Trogg wrote: »
Not as positive as AIDS and cancer, but positive nonetheless.

PSN: QuipFilter


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