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Ever get paid to do nothing?

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We've all had to work for "the man" at some point and sometimes it can be quite hillarious. What am I getting at? While there are those pain in the ass jobs where you work yourself to death there are those jems where you have the best time ever and get cash for it. What's your experience? Whats your worst/best jobs?

My Experience:
I couldn't help myself from posting this but I really can't stress how ridiculous the situation I'm in is. I currently work "Lets just say the gov." Now I really have no intent to do this for the rest of my life but I've got bills to pay and what not. Whats funny is, as serious as my job sounds I always find myself in positions like where I'm at right now which is pretty much getting paid to post and scope out the PA forums. Technically I'm supposed to be answering phones at the moment but no one has called all day so I've basically got nothing to do. It's funny how this is probably the easiest job I've ever had which pays waaaaaay more than any other job previous to this and I've had to work my ass off to get half of what I make now before. If you were to ask me what I do I honestly couldn't tell you because I really don't know but when people ask I tell them "I watch google video all day." They think I'm joking but in all seriousness I can't tell you how many paychecks I've gotten from strictly posting on forums and watching Youtube videos.

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