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Coalition of the Illin' [Canadian Politics]

ChicoBlueChicoBlue Registered User regular
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The True North strong and free!

We just had an election a few weeks ago, did you know that?

The Conservatives maintained a minority government.

What is a minority government?

Is it when a minority takes over the government, like what happened down south?

No, silly. There aren't any minorities in Canada. They don't call it "The Great White North" for nothing.

Oh wait, gays are a minority, aren't they? Well, they don't matter, anyway. We gave them the right to get married, and in exchange, they've agreed to stay hidden away in their horrible gay grottoes.

Let's say that Canadians get to vote on which political party gets the most pie. Usually, one party gets a really big piece of pie, and gets to hold it over the other parties' heads and say, "Nyah nyah. We get to call all the shots now, because even if you combined all your pieces of pie it still wouldn't be bigger than our piece of pie, jerkfaces." But, in a minority government, the party in charge didn't get a really big piece of pie, and the other parties could very well combine their pieces of pie to form a bigger piece of pie than that of the leading party party pie pie canadian pie pie.

What are the political parties and who leads them?

The Conservatives!
They like things the way they used to be. They also like money.
(Holding 143 seats)

The Liberals!
They are the middle of the road, politically speaking.
(Holding 77 seats)

The New Democratic Party!
They are socialists. They love everything that Conservatives hate.
(Holding 37 seats)

The Bloc Québécois!
They want Quebec to be its own nation. For 245 years these damn Frenchies have been pressured into accepting proud, proper, British based culture, but some of them are still holding out.
(Holding 49 seats)
Meissnerd wrote: »
the green party
The Green Party is yet another left-leaning political party, but they are distinct from other leftist parties for being fiscally conservative. Their main project is to help the environment, so it was rather convenient that green was still available.

The party is currently led by this fly woman right here

If you would like to see our leaders go at it in the House of Commons, you can see the sessions at

Did you know that The Liberals, The New Democrats and the Bloc Québécois hate Stephen Harper sooooo much that they are planning on forming a coalition to overthrow the Conservatives?

Well, they are.

The New Democrats and the Liberals have agreed to work together until 2011, if the government holds up that long.

The Bloc Québécois have agreed to support this coalition for 18 months.

Stephen Harper is going to try his very best to stop this unholy union from happening.

How is he going to do this?

Well, he could try to suspend parliament until January 26th, and let the whole situation cool off.

He could try to call an election.

He could cry a lot.

But, he's the Prime Minister. What do I mean by try? Shouldn't he be able to just do this shit?

If he wants to call an election or suspend parliament he's gotta get approval from the Governor-General.

Some parts of Canada are saying, "Hey, what the fuck? We voted the Conservatives in to lead us! This isn't cool!"

Other parts of Canada are saying, "YEEEEEEEAH! FUCK HARPER!"

What are YOU saying?

Rick Mercer rants.

ChicoBlue on


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