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[Beta On] A Tale in the Desert IV: Bricks and Boards

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So, open beta starts tomorrow, Dec 6th, and goes for, I believe, the next week. The previous betas have been pretty popular around here. Any interest on getting a group together for the next one?

For those that don't know, A Tale in the Desert is an MMO set in ancient Egypt that focuses solely on crafting. There is no combat whatsoever (though there are player vs player challenges). The point of the game is to form settlements and to work together to forward technology and make society better for all.

(Ripped from Wikipedia)
Wikipedia! wrote:
A Tale in the Desert is rare among MMORPGs in that it lacks combat. Instead, a variety of social activities provide for the basis of most interaction in the game. Soloing players may choose to focus on a wide range of options, both personal and regional; however, most players choose a more social outlook, and participate in politics, research, and social advancement. To support this, the game's main focuses are building, community, research, and personal or group challenges, called 'Tests'.

ATitD also has a unique outlook in that the game itself has a global foregame, midgame, and endgame: on average so far, every year and a half the game ends, achievements are tabulated, and a new 'Telling' begins, with certain modifications requested by the player base. Within a Telling, players can write, introduce, and pass laws (including player bans), and make feature requests. Compared to other online games, many have noted a closer to equal ratio of male to female players, and a high level of civility and generosity, potentially as a result of the difference in focus.

Screenies! These are some random shots showing off the improved graphics engine.

You can find more screenshots at

Beta is now open until December 13th. Grab the client here: There are Windows, Mac, and Linux versions.

After you install, select the Tale in the Desert 4 Beta server from the list, then connect and create your character. We're currently operating around Upper Egypt.

We're congregating around 1678, 3996. F3 opens your map, coordinates are at the top. We're right next to a University of Architecture.

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