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XBox Live, DD-WRT, and wireless bridging

templewulftemplewulf Registered User regular
Hi All,

I've set up a ton of small networks, PCs, etc. in my time, so I like to think I can solve this by myself. I can't solve this by myself.

The situation:
My wife bought a shiny new xbox, which puts us at two Live capable consoles. Since we only have one obscenely overpriced Microsoft Wireless Adapter, I bought a new Linksys WRT54G2, and converted the old WRT54G (not G2) to a bridge with DD-WRT firmware.

So, the players:
Wireless router WRT54G2( -> XBox A with wireless adapter (
Wireless Bridge WRT54G with DD-WRT v24(
XBox B with ethernet (
Other network participants not involved in problems are VOIP router and PC.

My primary problem is NAT is set to moderate on XBox B. At first that was XBox A's problem, while I had XBox B in the DMZ. Now, the situation is reversed, and I don't know how it got that way.

UPnP is enabled on both the router and bridge. I didn't previously use DHCP, but XBox A had a problem clearing its static IP with the router, so I set it to automatic and activated DHCP on the router. That's when XBox A stopped experiencing NAT problems, and XBox B started experiencing them.

I thought it might have something to do with UPnP using dynamically assigned IP addresses (I have no reason for thinking this except desperation), but I can't test XBox B with DHCP because the DD-WRT bridge mode doesn't pass through DHCP address assignments.

Links of interest:

So, I have one primary problem (NAT moderate on XBox B), and one minor problem (no DHCP passthrough, but I prefer static IPs anyway).

The questions:
  1. Does DHCP have any affect on UPnP? If not, what could have resolved NAT problems for XBox A?
  2. Is this resolveable with Port Forwarding? Given that I have two XBoxen which may want to be on Live simultaneously, I'm not sure how I could solve this without letting them do it automatically via UPnP.
  3. For a while, I solved XBox B's NAT problems by putting it in the DMZ on both bridge and router, but I got disconnected from Live every 30-60 minutes. XBox A and XBox B were both on while this was happening. What could cause this?
  4. Would all these problems be obviated by the purchase of a second obscenely overpriced wireless adapter for XBox B?

Thanks in advance!

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