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Social Entropy++: AWESOME POST in "Brave Man Pulls Rocky/Cliffhanger/Forrest Gump In Real Life

PiptheFairPiptheFair Registered User regular
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you know what, this deserves it
Forum: Social Entropy++
Post: Brave Man Pulls Rocky/Cliffhanger/Forrest Gump In Real Life To Win Back Fiance' SRSLY
Posted by: Volucrisus Aedrius

Original Content:
Here's my idea for a video better than this dude's.

I go out into a field with a scythe, bundling and slicing hay, baling it myself and heaving it into a large wagon, that I then drag along by a leather strap I grasp in my teeth.

Then I walk to the Goddamned ocean and construct a raft out of trees that I hack down with my hatchet, lashed together with twine I create by twisting together bark and human hair.

I carve the name "Seaward" on the side of my raft and push her out to sea.

And then I look at the camera and say "my dearest Loren, my loveliest angel, I hath named this raft in your honor, because you were the biggest C-Word I ever met in my entire life."

And then I dive into the water just as the raft explodes violently behind me, and I gun down a bunch of North Korean para-terrorists.

The end of the video is me shaking Bill Clinton's hand, showing him a picture of my ex, and having Slick Willy himself say "ah yeah, naw, son she ain't worth the trouble."

And then he busts out the Sax and he plays the solo from Baker's Street over the credits.

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