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Valkyria Chronicles - discussion of the anime also welcome

Chrono HelixChrono Helix Registered User regular
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Demo is up on PSN

Platform: PS3
Genre: Strategy RPG

Wikipedia wrote:
Valkyria Chronicles is set in the fictional world of Europa, in the country of Gallia. Because of its abundance of ragnite ore—which can be refined into a powerful fuel—it has come under attack from the East Europe Empire, which itself is engaged in war with the Atlantic Ocean Federal Organization. Players take control of an uprising of Gallian nationals, dedicated to repelling the invasion.

The beginning of the Second Europa War (E.W.II)...
Europa, 1930.
The 2 major military powers on this continent are the East Europa Empire and the Atlantic Ocean Federation.

Eventually they declared war on each other. The entirety of Europa was suddenly drawn into the conflict, which came to be known as the Second Europa War (E.W.II).

When their hometown was invaded, they banded together and formed a volunteer army.

A small country between the two major powers, Gallia, was suddenly invaded by the Empire.

In the face of its might, the Gallian troops were forced to retreat.

Just before the fall of the capital, a platoon leader unexpectedly came up with a plan to repel the invaders. That platoon leader's name is...

Gallia Volunteer Army

Welkin Gunther (22)
Voice actor: Susumu Chiba
Notable roles: Kondou Isao (Gintama), Sai Fujiwara (Hikaru no Go)

The hero of this story.

Alicia Melchiott (19)
Voice actor: Marina Inoue
Notable roles: Yoko (Gurren Lagann), Minami Kana (Minami-ke), Kitsu Chiri (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)

The heroine of this story. Scout class.

Brigitte "Rosie" Stark (27)
Voice actor: Megumi Toyoguchi
Notable roles: Revy (Black Lagoon), Winry Rockbell (Full Metal Alchemist)

Used to sing in a bar, and Rosie was the name she used then. Shocktrooper class.

Isara Gunther (16)
Voice actor: Houko Kuwashima
Notable roles: Kagura (Azumanga Daioh), Minoru Kokubunji (Chobits)

Welkin's sister. Pilots Edelweiss.

Largo Potter (36)
Voice actor: Hisao Egawa
Notable roles: Shinichi Maki (Slam Dunk)

A survivor of the first Great Europa War. Lancer class.

East Europa Empire:

Selvaria Bles (22)
Voice actor: Sayaka Ohara
Notable roles: Rika Harada (Honey and Clover), Yuuko Ichihara (XXXholic)

A general on the enemy's side who always keeps a calm expression.

Maximillian (29)
Voice actor: Jun Fukuyama
Notable roles: Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass), Albert de Morcerf (Gankutsuou)

A prince of the East Europa Empire.

The battle system in the game is called Battle of Live Tactical Zone systems (BLiTZ). Battles alternate between player phase and enemy phase. Player phase is further divided into 2 portions: Command Mode and Action Mode.


Each of the shield icons at the top of the screen represent a Command Point (CP). Each CP allows you to move one unit. If you have 10 CP, you can choose to move 10 different units once, or move 1 unit ten times, or move 5 units twice etc. Once you select a unit you enter Action Mode.


The bar at the bottom represents your Action Points (AP), which determines how far you can move. At any time during Action Mode you can press R1, the game will stop time and you can take aim. Then just press O to fire. You're only allowed one attack everytime you enter Action Mode from Command Mode, but you're allowed to continue moving after the attack if you have AP left over. In Action Mode the enemy will shoot at you if you enter their line of sight, although you can avoid this if you sneak up on them.


Unit classes:
Scout: Equipped with rifles. Very high movement. Versatile.
Shocktrooper: Equipped with machineguns. Average movement, high damage at close range.
Lancer: Equipped with an anti-tank gun. Low movement.
Sniper: Equipped with a sniper rifle. Low movement and defence.
Engineer: Clears mines, restores ammo and repairs tanks. High movement.
Tank: Equipped with... well, it's a tank. Costs 2 CP to command though.

Tanks will beat all infantry except for the anti-tank, who in turn loses to all the other infantry types.

Downloadable Content
1. Hard EX Mode
Thought the Hard skirmishes were tough? Try them at an even higher difficulty... without Edelweiss.
2. Edy’s mission
Like teenage idol wannabes? Get this.
3. Behind Her Blue Flame
Here's your chance to play from the side of the Empire! Also featuring everyone's favourite character from that desert mission. There may be an extra reward if you ace all the missions...
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