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Recomend On! The Girlfriend

TeyarTeyar Registered User
edited January 2009 in Games and Technology
So, some of us actually have women-folk that live with us. And being electron addicts, we've introduced them to the wonderfully sicklysweet cathode ray waves of neon light and dashing explosions.

And now they want to play games WITH us.

Okay, enough allusion. She likes Katamari, loved Perfect Dark, hates Fallout, digs Oblivion, likes how pretty Eternal Sonata is but hates Polka, loves DnD but wants to strangle Drizz't'tkd'k'shamala'ding'dong.

(Mostly caus she met Salvatore at one point, and aparently he's a perfectly "Oh, I just write for money" jerk, but hey. )

Good adventure puzzle games seem to go over well, Zelda together was a blast. We'd puzzle things out, I'd handle the tedium, and she'd often figure the brainbusting puzzles as often as I did.


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