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LA / Vegas sleepover?

potatoepotatoe Registered User regular
edited January 2009 in Singularity Engine++
hey, so, i'm about to leave to head across the country with my cousin in the morning, and i was wondering if any of you fine folks could/would like to lend me a hand with places to sleep along the way

-we'll be in las vegas sometime around the 6th/7th and was wondering if anyone has a place we could crash at near there for a day or two

-we'll be headin' to los angeles after we leave vegas and was wondering if anyone has a place somewhere around LA we could sleep at until the 11th

doesn't even have to be in the city
just aroundish
because we are cheap bastards and are spending a bunch on gas and food already and would like to save money on lodgings

well, if anyone feels like putting up with us for a couple nights, or just one, that would be great
say something here or PM me, but i'm going to bed in a few minutes since i have to be up in about 5 hours and hopefully will get a chance to check this in the morning or sometime in the next few days
if you are especially daring you could even PM your phone number and i'll just call you when i get there and surprise you with my presence at your doorstep

yes, i know this is last minute and poorly planned, but that's how i roll

potatoe on
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