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[Mini-phalla] Calvin and Hobbes - GAME OVER

visiblehowlvisiblehowl Registered User regular
edited January 2009 in Critical Failures
"Hobbes, I give you my newest invention: the Personality duplicator!" Calvin gestured proudly towards the cardboard box lying in his bedroom. The word "Transmogrifier" was crossed out on its side, and "Duplicator" was written above it. Squeezed in between "Duplicator" and the top of the box was the word "Personality". A small dial with a cardboard arrow was in the center, with the options "good" and "evil" crossed in, and the numbers "1", "10", and "23" written in. A small circle was drawn nearby with the word "Go" written above it.

"Why 23?" Hobbes inquired. Calvin looked at him askance and said "Because that's the most personalities a person can have, doofus."

"Oh right, naturally," Hobbes turned away to roll his eyes. "What does it do?"

"It takes a person's personalities and creates a living duplicate of each of them," Calvin replied happily. "You can meet all of their personalities in person!"

"Why would you want to do that?" Hobbes asked. Calvin just gave him another look. "Right, because we can. How does it work?"

"The same way the other ones worked," Calvin answered. "Turn the dial, push the button. I'll test it first!"

Calvin entered the box and shouted "Okay, ready!" Resting his hand in his chin, Hobbes adjusted the dial to "23" and pushed the start button. "Bzzrt!" came a noise from the box, sounding suspiciously like Calvin's voice.

One by one, 22 copies of Calvin exited the box. There was a loud din of confused conversation, until one of them noticed that Hobbes was gone...and in his place, some lame stuffed tiger!

Welcome to the Calvin and Hobbes miniphalla! This will be a relatively vanilla phalla. The following roles are present:


These are the only "special" roles. Everybody else is a vanillager. More rules updates to come (although they won't be anything you haven't seen before)

I am taking 22 people (yes, I know it says 23. Perhaps a GREAT EVIL WILL BEFALL AN NPC!) Startiiiiiiing....NOW!

1. The Lawinator
2. Thanatos
3. Jason Todd
4. The Reflection
5. kime
6. Toxic Toys
7. Element Brian
8. Rofl_bot
9. Zandracon
10. Kilroy
11. Mad Jazz
12. warban
13. Thetheroo
14. sportzboytjw
15. Micro
16. Gumpy
17. Wildcat
18. DShadowC
19. Mr. Defecation
20. lonelyahava
21. Rainfall
22. Sabs

Guys who aren't playing:

1. TehSpectre
2. Magic Man
3. UnearthlyStew
4. Exarch

visiblehowl on


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