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Goddamn, I nearly had a heart attack

DislexicDislexic Registered User
edited January 2009 in Singularity Engine++
So yeah, the asshole roommate who takes 3 days from getting paid to giving me a single dollar from the 100 he owed me got evicted because I put in an illegal tenant complaint against him. This was about 3 weeks ago. 7-days notice was up 2 weeks ago

So tonight at 4:30 am, I go out to get something to drink. I open my bedroom door and I hear the TV on... That's not right. So I cautiously go exploring, AND THERE'S A FUCKING GUY SLEEPING ON MY COUCH. And the guy has a similar build/hairstyle to said evicted asshole roommate. I see bags with clothes on the floor and the first room is open, so I thought it was just him trying to move into a different room and he fell asleep.

I call the cops because I'm half asleep, paranoid, and don't need a confrontation this late at night.

Turns out, a newly-created move-in day for people who signed less than 12-month leases was today, and WE GOT NO NOTIFICATION WHATSOEVER OF NEW MOVE-INS. So I basically wasted a half hour of two officers time in the dead hours of the morning, not to mention the fact that I nearly smacked the dude in the head to tell him to get the fuck off my couch, just because my apartment complex is getting sloppy at notifying their residents of changes.

So what late-night terrors/problems have you had to deal with, when you were especially not in the mood for dealing with it?

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