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Inaug YOUR ation


So it turns out that this guy is going to be president in two weeks and two days, and there's going to be somewhere between two and four million people hanging out in Washington D.C. to see it happen.

A lot of them will probably be wearing those garish shirts that have pictures of Obama on a pink background surrounded by images of every major civil rights icon imaginable and probably some really saccharine slogan and you'll think it's hideous but then you'll feel kind of guilty because you'll wonder if it's a black thing you don't get.

Some of them, like me, will be staffers who get tickets reserved in the good seats and who get to go to the Staff Ball where Barry will be making an appearance, and where us superior types will hob nob with movers and shakers in Washington. Also Kovak is getting my guest ticket I guess.

If you're going to be one of the people standing in the freezing cold, nipples patriotically erect in salute, you should post here so we can all hang out at some point either on or around the 20th of January.

Communist Revelers to Celebrate the Demise of America and White Slavery:

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