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Why does my ipod nano hate videos?

ForarForar #432Already prepping for Toronto Fan Expo!Registered User regular
edited January 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
I asked a few weeks ago for advice as to how I might put videos on my ipod (8 gig nano), got a few helpful responses, and now I have all that I wanted on my ipod. Which is awesome.

My new problem is this; the videos won't automatically advance. Whether I play them from a video playlist or from the "movie" directory of the ipod, they do one of two things; loop the same video until I go into the menu and select another, or stop and require me to advance the selector to the next video and hit start.

While this isn't a big deal when I've got The Dark Knight (thank you, special edition free download) running, it's a bit annoying in -20C weather when I need to take off my glove to get the ipod to advance due to a protective case, and it happens every five minutes with shorter clips.

Oddly, Itunes behaves exactly like I want it to; I open playlist or movie section, hit play, and it cheerfully advances to the next movie just fine.

Any idea on how I can make my actual ipod behave like itunes?

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