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Social Entropy++: AWESOME POST in "I Have Found Something Substantial NSF65K?", by Anjin-S

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Forum: Social Entropy++
Post: I Have Found Something Substantial NSF65K?
Posted by: Anjin-San

Original Content:
I was reading a book at work, as I always do.

It was about the end of break, when I turn to my left. A coworker says "Hey, a strategy guide for Zelda."

I sat my book down and thumbed through its contents. I looked to my left and right, asking if anyone had forgot their guide.

Reading some more, I realised this wasn't a strategy guide. The Legend of Zelda: Diamond of Abarious wasn't a real game. I know because I live with a man who has the entire canon memorized.

There were musical cues for Meatloaf and Phil Collins, and a man left this shit to be found hoping that one day, the president of Nintendo would read it, shed a tear and demand that someone FIND CARL CHAMPLIN JR.

I found a script for an Original Legend of Zelda Fan Film at work.


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