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[D&D4e] The Solist Gulnath

Kayne Red RobeKayne Red Robe Registered User regular
edited April 2009 in Critical Failures
Right, this game was born of the SE++ D&D thread, but we figured it would be rude to keep cluttering the place up, so now we have our own thread, hooray! The game is a combination Maptool/Vent affair that meets (will meet) weekly on Mondays.

Ye olde Setting Info
The world of Vestum is barbaric and dangerous place, where the civilized races huddle in small nations and struggle mightily to stave of destruction for another generation. From time to time a mighty empire will form, but with few exceptions, almost all are headed by a semi-mythical figure, and collapse when their heroic founder passes beyond the veil. Perhaps the only consolation is that with external threats so prevalent, the few nation states that cling to existence rarely have the inclination to make war on one another.

It is in the semi-barbaric northlands that the most recent of these heroic figures has risen, an outcast and heretic priest of the Fire god Fwer renounced his faith and wandered into the wilderness, seemingly never to be seen again. Unfortunately for the followers of Fwer, he has returned from his sojourn at the head of a mighty host of the barbarous steppes people, and called to his side many diverse and veteran mercenaries. For now his host remains at the very edges of Fwerysp while the mercenary units coalesce. However, for some few of the newly arrived mercenaries, there are other plans...

For those of you feeling uncreative, the Ironmane Kingdoms follow the basic PHB theology, with Bahamut obviously recieving pride of place, but the other deities are present there. So if you'd like to just use the PHB gods, write your background as if you are from there.

Previous Adventures
The party was summoned before Warchief Ragnutha Rao, who commands the unbonded mercenaries in the Solist army. He informed them that the Son of the SUn would like them to deal with a few minor issues for him while the army is mustering. The first of these is to track down and eliminate a group of Mun'Atan slavers who are operating in southern Fwerysp. Ata'Mun cannot be allowed a foothold in the northlands.

The party ventured forth, proving victorious against a Fweryspian recon patrol, but running into difficulties when they interrupted a Fwerist sacrificial ceremony in the village of Parsuin. It is here that Nghast Sidear, the Barbarian, is slain after impaling the Fire Priest leading the ceremony. The party paid Nghast their respects and gathered from the corpse of the fire priest a strange stone tablet.

The Party
[strike]Nghast Sidaer[/strike] (deceased) Human Barbarian - DE?AD
[strike]Skaern Onveln[/strike] (deceased) Doppleganger Rogue - DE?AD
Yten Warforged Sorceror - DE?AD
Arryn Stoneleaf Half-Elf Cleric - A Dabble of Thelonius
Riardon Eladrin Wizard - Lardalish
Erebar Dragonborn Fighter - Arasaki
Peng Rong Lie Orcish Ranger - Lord_Asmodeus

The Time

Our usual meeting time is on Mondays at around 2:00pm PST, although the time is likely to change a bit

The Tools

We play with Maptool version 1.3.b53, which is the development candidate. We will also meet in the G&T Vent server for random OOC voice shenanigans.

The Recruitment
Currently full up.

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