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Chinese New Year, year of the ox!

PolagoPolago Registered User
edited January 2009 in Singularity Engine++
That's right, it's Chinese new year and a few of our resident forumers will be partaking in who knows what kind of devil's regalia. American tales tell of bloodletting, ritualistic murders of capitalist pigs in the name of their lord mao, and the annual black market missile show and family picnic (only one child per family allowed).

While they sate their thirst for mortal souls, lets celebrate by seeing what animal in the Chinese calender represents us, and if this is YOUR year Mister or Missus Ox!


I'm a boar! That may or may not be good or bad based on their bizarre tarot card definitions of each animal. How rare!

After you've found your animal, let us share in the joy of chinese cartoons and green tea while our comrades out east celebrate like kings and horribly subjugated queens!



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