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Lego Battles: All the awesome and none of the license!

Brainiac 8Brainiac 8 Registered User regular
edited March 2009 in Games and Technology
TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have teamed up once again to deliver an all-new Lego experience to the Nintendo DS, this time simply focusing on the toys themselves with Lego Battles.

Lego Battles is a game for the Nintendo DS that combines three popular Lego toy lines - Lego Castle, Lego Pirates and Lego Space - allowing players to create bases and customized squads in order to engage in more than 70 different levels worth of fierce block combat, or head-to-head via Nintendo DS wireless multi-card play. Players will mix and match units from all three Lego sets, resulting in epic confrontations the likes of which we've only dreamed about. A pirate ship filled with ninja versus a spaceship manned by wizards? It's the kind of stuff you'd find airbrushed on the side of a van 30 years ago.

“LEGO® Battles offers players the action-packed and humor-filled gameplay that make LEGO games great, along with the added bonus of linked multiplayer battles on DS,” said Tom Stone, Managing Director, TT Games Publishing. “We are excited to introduce a new LEGO videogame experience to fans and young gamers and look forward to expanding upon the beloved toy lines.”

So the next Lego title from TT games isn't Lego Transformers. It's time to see if the Lego brand can stand on its own two blocking legs. Look for Lego Battles to erupt on the Nintendo DS this summer.



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