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[miniphalla] Rhinoceros - Game Over, the rhinoceros is triumphant!

Dac VinDac Vin Reimu Hakurei sat in her shrine because she was on the internet.Registered User regular
edited February 2009 in Critical Failures
It is sunday, twelve o'clock. The sun is high, no cloud in the sky. You are at your favorite restaurant, silently eating a hamburger while your best friend is harrasing you over how bad your manners are. He's getting on your nerves.

When suddenly!


Loosely based on the play by Eugene Ionesco.
[tiny]And yes, this is what became of my french lit mini.[/tiny]

WARNING: This game got conversions mechanics.

This is a miniphalla. The terms is two words: "mini" which means small, and "phalla" which, well, is explained better here. Basically, a small phalla.

All standard rules apply. Among them, no use of screencaps to prove anything, no anonymous contacts, and no alive/dead players discussions so don't bother bringing that ouija board in here. Also, don't forget to send me links to your proboards.

Unlike other phallas, the voting in this mini is kind of particuliar: Every day you will actually vote for two players to die, !(1)Like this and !(2)Like this. Additionally, you will have to vote two others for public seering, !(1)Like this and !(2)Like this.Retraction are thus necessary, and are done !Like this for kill votes, and !Like this for the seer vote.

INACTIVUS HUNGERS CLAUSE: Rumor has it that some serial killer going by the name of Inactivus is stalking this mini. Inactivus can be avoided by posting at least twice and voting at least once.

Days ends at 10h00 PM EST. That is, hour of Montreal.

Sign up in !whatever color looks good to you. We will begin when everyone is ready.

1. iamtheaznman - Not a Rhinoceros - Gored
2. TheLawinator - Not a Rhinoceros - Blown up
3. MacGuffin
4. Micro - Rhinoceros - Voted off
5. Wildcat - Not a Rhinoceros - Blown up
6. Daius
7. zenpotato
8. abotkin
9. Oats
10. TehSloth
11. kime
12. Toxic Toys
13. PRËTËNTIÖüS - Not a Rhinoceros - Voted off
14. enlightenedbum
15. Malkor
16. Maximus - Not a Rhinoceros - Voted off
17. jackisreal - Rhinoceros - Voted off
18. Exarch - Not a Rhinoceros - Voted off
19. Gumpy
20. warban - Not a Rhinoceros - Gored
21. Tommy2Hands - Not a Rhinoceros - Voted off
22. WilDPanthA05 - Not a Rhinoceros - Blown up
23. Andrew Ryan
24. Stew_Stick
25. Darian


1. BlueBlue
2. Obbi
3. FrostMist


1. You can vote for yourself for the kill vote, but not for the seer vote.
2. On either votes, you can't use both votes on the same person.


Day One - Rhinoceros exhibition!
Day Two
Day Three - Fanfiction!

Dac Vin on


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