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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "Octuplets & Being a single mother with 14 children.&

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Smile, its an 18th century literature pun.
Forum: Debate and Discourse
Post: Octuplets & Being a single mother with 14 children.
Posted by: matthasaproblem

Original Content:
Scalfin wrote: »
KalTorak wrote: »
Malkor wrote: »
KalTorak wrote: »
So apparently the Octomom's publicist quit because of all the death threats. It's cool though; she has an agent now.

Is this American Gothic, the Great American Story, the Greatest American Story Ever Told?

Sometimes I get confused.

Mom buys the ability to have a shitload of kids on credit all at the same time, government pays for their care while she somehow manages to make millions?

Shit, it's like the American Dream and the Communist Dream all rolled into a big pile of shit stew and mixed metaphors.

Although stew would be a good solution, and would make a good accompaniment to the cold sandwiches.
That sounds like quite A Modest Proposal to me.

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