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MODS: I've reposted this in H/A since that's what type of thread it turned out to be, really.

I work in IT, specifically hardware and software deployment to local and field users, as well as asset management and policy. I also am responsible for all PC hardware warranty issues at over 200 field offices.

I USED to like my job. Now there is this guy who piles on endless amounts of bullshit on our department because his department is too retarded to do their jobs. Or something like that. So I have this particular process that has worked excellently for months and I need to change it because this guy is incompetent. Now that process is going to take three times as long, and when it does take three times as long, he's going to complain that we're not doing it fast enough. This is the kind of guy who will go over your head by three layers for even the simplest of requests.

I am paid hourly, my co-worker is paid salary. I work a full week, every week, he typically works 33-35 hours. Continued complaints on this issue to my boss have gone basically unheard.

My boss is a pantywaist and does not fight on these issues, so we wind up having to do other people's jobs and I wind up having to do half of my co-worker's job. So now I want a new job.

Can anyone point me to a good resume template or how-to-write-one website? My resume is full of office assistant and data entry jobs, and I need to write a new one that talks about my last two years at this job and all the IT experience I've gained, as well as the certifications I've gotten.

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