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Alone in NYC

Brodo FagginsBrodo Faggins Registered User regular
edited March 2009 in Singularity Engine++
My girlfriend is currently in NYC, and I'm here in California. We had a fight, and it suddenly looks like I'm single.

Last week,s he found a sublet for me to stay in during spring break (next week), and the non-refundable plane ticket was bought months ago. I put the deposit down for the place a few weeks back. We were planning on staying together in that studio apartment, but now, it looks like I'll be going at it alone. I don't know anyone in that city, and I'll basically be alone.

The ticket is electronic and under my name, so I can't just give it away, and none of our mutual friends want to stay in NYC for the entirety of spring break (which is how long we have the apartment).

Any fun and interesting things to do by myself in that city? AFAIK, the place is in Manhattan.

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