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[OMNOMNOM on] Dawn of War 2: Realistic Nids!

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The Great Beast is Come... Devourer of Worlds

(Shamelessly stolen from old OP)
Dawn of War 2 is the newest RTS set in the grimdark future of the 41st millennium by Relic. Described as taking the best parts of the original DoW combined with Company of Heroes, this game places an emphasis on quick action over memorizing build orders and perfecting your pixel clicking. And by that I mean that there is no base building.

The game has two distinct portions, with the single player campaign being a completely different beastie from the multiplayer. The single player campaign is for the SM only (though campaigns for other races seems like an obvious DLC money maker *hint hint*). It's a persistent rpg like squad based tactical game with emphasis on building up and using a handfull of squads for the whole campaign. For more information you can see this link, beware the minor spoilers.

In the multiplayer portion of the game you can choose from Eldar, Orks, Space Marines, and Tyranids. Beware though, Tyranids are presented accurately and realistically, which is to say, they are horrible monsters that will rip you to shreds.

Space Marines
"The Angels of Death are come"

Tenacious beings that fight across the width and breadth of the galaxy, sowing death and destruction amongst the ever growing forces of the Hive Mind... These powerful creatures have unique DNA, their strength will become our strength. They stand in the path of the glorious Hive Mind, and so they must be eliminated... but their legacy will not be lost, for in death they shall further the all consuming goals of the Hive Mind...


"The Green Tide shall sweep aside all in their path"

Highly numerous and powerful creatures, they fight with ferocity on a thousand battlefields, and have met the forces of the Hive Mind more than once. These foes are seemingly without number, and this is good, for the Hive Mind always hungers for more... They shall provide much sustenance to come, for their kind infests this galaxy in such numbers, as to drown all others with sheer numbers.

"The Children of Khaine feel the call to war once again"

Swift and deadly, but ultimately few in number and fragile, these aliens are crafty foes that are hard to come to blows with. It is only a matter of time before they interfere with the plans of the vast Hive Mind, but they still provide a tangible threat. However, as all others they shall fall to the glorious Hunger of the Hive Mind and so their potent warp-power shall strengthen the Hive.

"All things shall fall to the Hive, and feed it's endless hunger"

The nigh endless appendages of the Hive Mind, dedicated to enacting it's will, our kin spread across the stars devouring all life in their path. From the lowly Ripper to the mightiest Carnifex, all have their place in the organic machine that is the Tyranid Hive, and soon the Hive Fleets shall come in such numbers, this galaxy will be stripped bare, not even bone shall be left in the wake of our hunger

(all this too)

MP is handled via GFWL, there is a partial list of people's gamer tags below but the best way to meet up with people is via the G&T vent server. Check the sticky in this forum for the server info and how to donate for it's upkeep. Trust me when I say that the game is a LOT better when playing with/against fellow PA folks.

Here is a partial list of GFWL IDs copied from the last OP.

You can get a great deal of information about the various units and abilities here: http://www.dowcodex.com/ This website pulls it's data right from the game, so in theory it should be accurate. Please keep in mind that it is a work in progress however.

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And now, we have this wonderful flowchart, courtesy of Canis Aquilus
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