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Fuck Fat People [DO IT]

StaleStale Registered User regular
edited March 2009 in Singularity Engine++
So I had a craving for terrible food. I try to eat good, somewhat healthful shit 24/7. Especially now. But every now and then I just want something terrible and God awful.

Unfortunately where I live is very uppity and corporate. So I was at my desk google mapping where I could go before traffic shuts everything down, and I found it. The holy grail of shitty horrible food.

Hardees. And it's just down the street.

I roll down and walk in, and it's like the twilight zone in there. Not a single person present is under 200... probably 250. The median waist size HAS to be 38"+. Jesus Christ, I can smell the grease in this place from the parking lot.

Now, I did my research. I scoped out what was on the menu. There was obviously only one choice. The Monster Thickburger. 1500 calories. 108g of fat. 63 of which are saturated. 2700+ mg of Sodium.

This is just a single sandwich. One. Now granted, because of my gut, it wasn't going to be sticking around long, but still, even absorbing a fraction of that is bad news. So imagine my reaction when I see a family of fatties, father, mother, and 2 sons, all ordering not one, but two?

imagine.... 8 of these monstrosities spread across 3 trays. It's like some kind of competitive eating event. They each have fries and.....

....wait for it....

Diet Cokes.

As I'm waiting for my own cholesterol bomb to come out, imagine my horror when I see not one of the sons.... BUT BOTH OF THEM, take out glucose meters and test their blood sugar.


I wanted to call social services right there.

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