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Covering a shattered window

KyleWPetersonKyleWPeterson Registered User
edited March 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
Some time last night two of my windows were shot at and one of them is completely gone now. What specifically should I use to cover it so that I can still see somewhat out of it while a new part is being ordered?

KyleWPeterson on


  • John MatrixJohn Matrix Registered User regular
    edited March 2009
  • JebusUDJebusUD Registered User regular
    edited March 2009
    clear plastic bag streched tightly + tape?

    You haven't given me a reason to steer clear of you!
  • KyleWPetersonKyleWPeterson Registered User
    edited March 2009
  • illigillig Registered User regular
    edited March 2009
    clear thick plastic sheeting... you can get it at a hardware store

    if the windows are fairly simple (i.e flat side windows), then consider getting a thin piece of lexan... it'll be a lot more see-thru, and protect your interior a bit more

  • KyleWPetersonKyleWPeterson Registered User
    edited March 2009
    Well, I'll head out and get some. Thanks!

  • spacerobotspacerobot Registered User
    edited March 2009
    A few years ago someone broke into my car, smashing my window and stealing my cd player. My insurance covered nothing, and I couldn't afford to replace the window (1979 t-bird windows are hard to come by). I got some thick and clear plastic and cut it in the shape of the window, and left a long slab of plastic on the bottom to hold it in place. I also used duct tape to make sure it doesn't slide out of it's spot. The window was broken in March 2007, and the plastic replacement is still there today. I haven't driven the car since last june (anyone in the market for a 1979 t-bird? cheap!), but I'm sure the plastic window would still hold up if I took the car out now.

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