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[Mini-Phalla] -- The Care Bears Phalla -- Care Bear/Neutral Victory!

GrimmyTOAGrimmyTOA Registered User regular
edited March 2009 in Critical Failures
Prepare to Care


What's going on here?
It's a Mini-Phalla based on those saccharine but adorable ursines of love, The Care Bears.

What's a Phalla?
It's a game, loosely based on the Mafia party game. It has gone through some mutations from the source material, though, so you should check out this thread for the local ruleset.

Any specific/unusual rules I should know about?
Every night, you'll vote in bold red (!like this) for a player you'd like to remove from the game. Retractions aren't necessary, but they'd be spiffy if you remember.
Game days will normally last 24 hours, and will end at 11pm Eastern.
The standard ruleset regarding communications is in effect:
No using PMs to prove anything.
No talking to dead people.
No anonymous communications with other players/ pretending to be someone you're not.
Invite me to your proboards.
No screen-caps.
INACTIVUS hungers. Please respect other players -- if you can't participate on a fairly consistent basis, don't ruin other peoples' experiences by signing up. That said, if you need to drop out let me know. Better that than a disappearing act.
Read your role PMs -- there may be extra stuff in there, and you wouldn't want to miss it.
If you have any questions, ask 'em like this. I may not answer, but at least I'll notice.

!Sign up in any colour, and we'll get this thing going.

Player List:
1. Astraphobia -- Friend Bear
2. Wildcat -- Love-a-Lot, aka Sour Sam
3. simonwolf
4. Keika
5. SpectralSpork
6. Kay -- Tenderheart Bear
7. Darian -- Bright Heart
8. Malkor -- Cozy Heart
9. Loxx -- Brave Heart
10. Gandalf_the_Crazed -- Birthday Bear, aka No Heart
11. Romantic Undead
12. FrostMist -- Grams Bear
13. Daius
14. Ryadic -- Wish Bear
15. Ultros64 -- Funshine Bear
16. Toxic Toys -- Proud Heart, aka Cold Heart
17. WilDPanthA05
18. pablo_price -- Champ Bear, aka Beastly
19. lonelyahava -- Gentle Heart
20. Fiaryn
21. Rend -- Playful Heart
22. Andrew Ryan -- Daydream Bear
23. enlightenedbum
24. Sticks -- Cheer Bear

Reserve List
1. kime
2. Obbi
3. Warban

Opening Narration
Night One
Night Two
Night Three
Night Four

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