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Shoulda put a ring of protection +1 on it. (Table top games)

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So this right here is the new tabletop gaming thread. D&D, M&M, Snickers, WH40k, whatever your little heart desires.

D&D Stuff

D&D Official site. If you haven't tried out the character builder, you really should. It's in free trial right now, so you can use it up to level 3. Takes all the work out of character creation and is much easier than flipping pages and comparing books. As of right now, they do NOT have all the PHB2 content in there, because it's WOTC and they suck at computers.

Speaking of PHB2. Players Handbook 2 just came out. It features new classes (avenger, barbarian, bard, druid, invoker, shaman, sorcerer, and warden) new races (deva, gnome, goliath, half-orc, and shifter) and new feats, destinies and items. Pretty swanky stuff.

Other games stuff

I got nothin'. Feel free to put up some links to your favorites, I'll add them to the OP.

ITT : Nerds, dice, being jealous of Rank, Mori has a talking door in his pocket but he's still happy to see you.


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