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The Ending Has Not Yet Been Written

Grey GhostGrey Ghost Okay...This looks bad.Registered User regular
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The grounds have been prepared.


The paths raked.


Everyone, and everything, is in place.


All is in its final state of readiness.


You may enter whenever you choose.


(Leaving, however, is another matter.)

This thread is about Myst. Myst is a groundbreaking adventure game series, the first installment of which hit the market in 1993 (and remained the best-selling PC game of all time until surpassed in 2002 by The Sims). Developed by Rand and Robyn Miller and their company, Cyan, the Myst series tells the story of a man named Atrus and his family - a saga of love, betrayal, hatred, and revenge.

Atrus' past, and his ultimate fate, are inextricably entwined with an ancient civilization called D'ni, a society that resided in secret beneath the surface of our own world for thousands of years. The D'ni were masters of The Art - a mysterious process whereby special Books, describing other worlds in exquisite detail, actually become portals to these worlds, facilitating travel to them and allowing the D'ni to colonize the multiverse and spread their empire into countless Ages across the cosmos.

But years ago, a great cataclysm destroyed this incredible culture - violence and chaos, driven by prejudice and greed. Atrus' family escaped... but he sees in his own family the seeds of the very same evils that destroyed D'ni. What can be done about his father, who writes Book after Book with megalomaniacal furor and proclaims himself God of hundreds of worlds? Can he save his sons, who loot and plunder his own Books seeking worldly riches and power? Are there enemies still unseen who lurk in far-flung Ages and plot their inevitable revenge? Atrus doesn't have the answers.


Into this chaos comes you: a Stranger, who stumbles upon a Linking Book to a place called Myst Island. There, your destiny will become linked to Atrus', and your quest to help him will take you to every corner of existence, and from the void between worlds to the darkest recesses of the human heart.

I hope you are... into books.

Grey Ghost on
PSN: GrahamCR


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