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[Mini Phalla] Elite Phalla Agents - Day Seven – Epilogue! EBA/Village Victory!

DaiusDaius Registered User
edited April 2009 in Critical Failures

Hello to you all! I am Commander Kahn, leader of the legendary group known as the Elite Beat Agents! If you don’t already know about us, I suggest you look here for some very helpful information. Ever since our founding, we have travelled the world helping people in need with the powers of song and dance. If you’re ever in a spot of bother, if the weight of the world is ever on your shoulders, if you’re ever not sure what’s going on, all you have to do is yell -
followed by your query, and I will be right there to help you out. Unless of course, it is highly classified information.
So what, you may be asking, am I doing here in Critical Failures? Well in one of our recent meetings the idea was posed to me that the best way to find people who need help is by looking on the internet. So this is a one-off oppurtunity. Myself and the Elite Beat Agents our going to run a little forum right here, where they can listen to your problems and help you out. All you have to do is !Sign Up, so we can register you on the Elite Beat Database. And Agents...


This is similar to what you people on this forum call a MiniPhalla. It’s apparently like a main Phalla, but smaller.

The Elite Beat Agents do not look kindly on underhand tactics such as screencaps, anonymous contact, talking with people who are no longer in the game and forming Proboards without letting Commander Kahn know!

Everyone will vote in Bold Red, retract votes in Bold Lime and ask for clarifications in Bold Orange.

We at the agency frown on inactivity. We ask that each member of the EBA forums post at least twice a day, so that we know you still need help from us.

Voting will close at Midnight GMT, because we are currently working covertly in London. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Player List:
1) Kay
2) simonwolf
3) Gumpy
4) Ultros64
5) kuhlmeye
6) Wildcat
7) cj iwakura
8) B:L
9) Kime
10) manaleak34
11) crimsoncoyote
12) Nitsua
13) Andrew Ryan
14) Rainfall
15) Matatat
16) Stew_Stick
17) JaysonFour
18) Ergandar
19) warban
20) WilDPanthA05
21) Sticks
22) Keika
23) GrimmyTOA
24) Tommy2Hands
25) Fiaryn

1) Witch Doctor, DBM
2) Romantic Undead
3) scrivenerjones
4) Obbi

Captain Brooke - Sticks - Found his Treasure
Lucy (Little Girl) - warban - Reunited with Dead Father
Max - Nitsua - Got his Plate of Fish
Norma Carrington (Mason) - GrimmyTOA - Resumed Life of Luxury
Chris - Stew_Stick - Film was a Blockbuster
Colonel Bob (Tycoon) - Keika - Regained his Billions

Thomas (Seer) - kuhlmeye - Turned to Stone
Hulk (Role Blocker) - simonwolf - Turned to Stone
Rhombulan - cj iwakura - Exploded
Jack - Kime - Turned to Stone
Sam - Fiaryn - Gave up Hope
Agent Derek (EBA) - Ergandar - Turned to Stone
Cap White (Guard) - crimsoncoyote - Turned to Stone
Ken Ozu - Tommy2Hands - Turned to Stone
Rhombulan - Kay - Exploded
Jane - Wildcat - Turned to Stone
Sophie - With Doctor, DBM - Turned to Stone

Daius on


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