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College-Level French Testing Woes

RecklessReckless Registered User
edited March 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
So, I'm taking a French 102 class this semester. I took 101 last semester with the same professor and pulled off a B+. However, my quiz and test grades haven't been so hot. A 72 on the first quiz, and a 75 on the midterm.

I went in to talk to my professor about it, and she said that it surprised her too, because I do well on the homework assignments and generally participate in class well, which should boost my grade a bit. However, I'd like to do better on the remaining two quizzes and the final. What tends to always kill me is conjugations. We had five tenses on the midterm, and I had them straight the night before the test, but in my rush to finish the exam in 50 minutes, I panicked and confused some of them, losing about 15 points.

It's especially irking me because I've been going to tutoring sessions twice a week and doing some extra workbook exercises when I get the free time. So far I've gone a year and a half without a C on the transcript, and I'd really like to keep that up.

Does anybody have any good strategies for studying for and taking foreign language exams? Any help at all would be very appreciated.

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