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Ignorance is Bliss

Penguin IncarnatePenguin Incarnate King of KafiristanRegistered User regular
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While the person who coined this phrase was probably a commissar of some type tasked with shutting down newspapers or worked for one of those corporations that spoon feeds indigenous children heavy metals, it is a phrase that carries a certain amount of truth.

I understood the truth of this statement while eating dinner tonight. My mom drunkenly had a conversation with a family friend about she and her twin sister both used to date and live with the same guy for a number of months. Luckily I only heard a few snippets before the blood shooting out of my ears started to coagulate.

You see how my life would be less terrible if I didn't know my mom engaged in a menage a trois during the 1970's? Can you see how I might not hate my life if I had not known this? Do you see how happiness might escape me because of this?

And all of this while trying to read an essay on Freud's theory on the monstrous womb.

Fun Fact: My mom and my aunt were Double-Mint Twins once.

What don't you want to know?

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