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[PRIME] Mobile/Portable Gaming Titles for PAX '09

kropotkinkropotkin MrLondon UKRegistered User regular
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One of the most attractive elements of PAX has always been the mobile gaming element of the event. There is always a mobile gaming lounge area where people can site back on bean bags and play games on their mobile platform of choice. What is listed below is my first stab at what people may want to play at this years PAX. Please don't think this is definitive in any way. It is simply a suggestion list that I'd love to have people in these forums provide additional titles or indeed add details on the ones I suggest here, or even remove them!

Starting off with the PAX favourite then, the DS/DS Lite/DSi!


The DS is a favourite at PAX thanks to its ubiquitous nature. Listed below are some of the top favourites from years past as well as some new titles you may not have heard of. Click on the spoiler button to view them:


Ahh the PSP. Much maligned by many as having 'no games'. But fear not PSP owner, there is plenty of love for Sony's first foray into mobile gaming. Click on the spoiler button to view them:


Now we have the iPhone/iPod Touch. Here are my selections for iPhone /iPod Touch games. I'm sure there are many more people will want to add. Click on the spoiler button to view them:

That's it for my suggestions for mobile gaming titles. Please respond to this thread to add more or indeed pass comment on the one's I've posted up here.

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