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[Mini-Phalla]: Revenge of the Trolls - Trolls got their revenge!

Look Out it's Sabs!Look Out it's Sabs! Registered User regular
edited April 2009 in Debate and/or Discourse

What is phalla you say?

This is phalla.

Don't let the social outcasts and geeks scare you off because it really is a fun game.

I am kidding not all of you phallaers are geeks and outcasts. [tiny]but most of you are[/tiny]

This mini-phalla is the second of however many chat themed mini phallas I end up doing. You can read the precious one to get a jist of how my phallas go, but I am too lazy to search for it myself and link it in this here OP. The game night ends at 11 pm EST, the day officially closes once I make my vote closed post.

The point of the game is to find and kick out the trolls (that means if your role PM does not notify that you are a troll, that means you are a villager).
Everyday make a !vote to notify who you want to kick out that day. retractions are not necessary.
Ask for clarifications like this or for faster results through PM. All answers to clarifications will be put in the OP.

Any ties are resolved through the use of a coin.

Day 0 Narration
Day 1 Narration
Day 2 Narration
Day 3 Narration
Day 4 Narration
Day 5 Narration

1. Elendil - Cass

3. Dunadan019 - Earthless
4. Cinders - Mad_Morlock
5. Casual Eddy - Elki
6. Variable - Incenjucar
7. JamesKeenan - ElJeffe
8. Corbius - Dynagrip
9. Doxa - WonderHippie
10. Nocturne - Church
11. MacGuffin - Casket
12. Endomatic - Edgewood
13. ProfMoriarty - The Cat
4. Medopine - radroadkill
15. Feral - Choco
16. Hakkekage (perviously Gnasty)- IrondWill

Look Out it's Sabs! on
NNID: Sabuiy
3DS: 2852-6809-9411


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