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Ulduar harder than Naxx! More at 11 [SE++ WoW]

RadiusRadius Registered User regular
edited April 2009 in Singularity Engine++
Lord Dave wrote:
HELLO WE ARE HORDE on Cho'gall! <Shambler Milk> is the place to come if like to play with SE++ers.

The current list of guild members by forum name:


Lord Dave - Mirren/Menazee - Mage/Paladin - Queen of the Guild
EclipsedPlanet - Montina - Paladin - Consort
Frylockholmes - Valikriss/Touchstone/Uskglass - Warrior/Paladin/Mage
futility - Shekhina - Hunter
Radius - Kyira/Riesz/Zeora - Rogue/Death Knight/Mage
Ruer - Mintaka - Warrior

Aburnflags - Vilmon - Paladin
babyeatingjesus - Wubblewoo - Paladin
Balefuego - Baledar - shaman
Blankspace - Blankasaurus - Hunter
Bucketman- Skragg/Aurvandil - Warrior/Shaman
Captain Cthulu - Naporeon - Paladin
captaink - Knut - Shaman
Fandyien - Fandyien - Priest
GRMike - Borrock - Pally
Javen - Javen - Rogue
Joah - Chatturgha - Shaman
Kusuguttai - Kusu - Warlock
Linksville - Franksville/Farthington - Druid/Paladin
Meissnerd - Wabon - Priest
Metacortex - Metacortex/Intersect/Nobarg - Rogue/Priest/Warrior
Mittens - Cless/Fallchild - Priest/Druid
Nikolai - Higgins - Death Knight
Ranlin - Alendra - Druid
Rhylith - Rhylith - Shaman
SA - Revash/Ambrose - Warlock/Death Knight
Satansfingers - Satans - Paladin
Scosglen - Barnago - Warlock
SkankPlaya - Vaklempt/Schmeckle - Warlock/Paladin
tsplitter - Rasmius - Warrior
WhiskeyBiznass - Gwency - Rogue
World as Myth - Yosephine - Rogue
Zombies - Perun - Mage


Callius - Callius - Paladin
Callius's Lady Friend - Sisperia - Hunter
DeaconBlues - Normanus - Priest
drool - Remmos - Druid
Langly - Missmolly - Death Knight
makershot - Rubenesque - Shaman
Omegasquash - Omegasquash - Paladin
That Dave Fella - Dafella - Shaman
The Geebs that is a Mod - Vonne - Priest
Bogey - ******** - Paladin

Along with all the friends and families of Shamblers.

Past Shamblers:

Dely - Delyapple - Hunter
SithDrummer - Arkjin - Hunter
Hoodie - Avataar - Hunter
Belruen - Belruen - Priest
Biske - Laurrie - Rogue
Fallout - Bathory - Warlock
Preachermeat - Krythlynn - Paladin
Aslan - Pysek - Mage
Manifest - Manif - Paladin
Manif's boyfriend - Syarra - Priest
Manif's other boyfriend - Gorgrah - Warrior
Stale - angrycripple - Priest
Sara Lynn - Odella - Rogue
Senator - Senator - Rogue
Owenashi - Kaziel - Warrior
Ranx - Vamrithis - Priest
Backwards - Sdraw - Mage
Centipede - Ravkaras - warlock
Roahgnar - Anjin-San - Warrior
Jes is a - jessaissa - Mage

Want to be on that list? Send a tell to any of the guild members online and we'll be able to invite you.
Friends and family are more than welcome, too.

[Professions] Something need doing?

[Raid Progression] I don't have any of our raid screenshots, so until I can track them down, I present to you our guild leader, Lord Dave.

[Picture Gallery] Shambler glory days.

Here is how Recruit-A-Friend works. It's all very well described on the WoW site, so quit being confused illiterate dummmies:
Account B is created, referencing Account A as the recruiter.
Any same-level characters on accounts A and B get triple XP when they are together (before 60).
For every 2 levels earned by a character on Account B, that character can grant a free whole entire level to any lower-level character on Account A.
Also any character on A can summon any character on B once per hour, and vice versa.
Any more questions should be directed to learn to read.
Results below.
Curse Gaming :Need a mod? Curse has them all, from UI mods to Auctioneer

WoW Head: Items, Quests, NPC Locations, WoW Head has it all! Just search it up and find out why that item is below threshold!

MMO-Champion: Your most up to date resource on the PTR and new patches.

WoW Insider: A collection of WoW blogs, ranging from the useful, to the useless (Roleplaying an herbalist?)

Elitist Jerks Forums: Like it or not, these guys have spent more time theorycrafting about max dps and best in slot gear than you've spent actually playing the game.

Be.IMBA: This site tells you why you suck. Then assigns a number to the suckage. You suck so much.

Wow-Heroes: Like be.imba, but with much larger numbers, making you feel much better.

Rep Calculator: Basically this sites tells you how much rep you need to get to a certain level with a faction, and how many instance runs/turn ins/quests you need to do to get there

Loots!: Basically it tells you what drops where and if its good for you or not.

Jame's Horde Leveling guide: Get to 70 faster so we can kill more mans!

Pet Collectors :For all you collectors of vanity pets. What they are, where to get them, how they rock!

Pettopia: Conpendium for all you huntards! Pet info so you don't have to bother asking over /1!

Mount Up!: Info on every mount in the game!

Wow Wiki: Everything wow related in wiki form! Don't search for WoW Wiki on WoW Wiki or you break the internet!

Wow Gems: need to fill a slot, besides your mom (burn) this search engine lets you narrow down what gems you need!

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