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Moe's Stupid Technology Tavern: AWESOME POST in "Awww crap.", by RandomEngy

shadydentistshadydentist Registered User regular
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This one requires some context. So, in Moe's stupid technology tavern, Arkan requests some... unusual advice.
Arkan wrote: »
There was an accident just now and


My mouse ended up in the toilet. One that had already been... uh... used. Without flushing. And not for pee.

Thankfully it's wireless and the battery popped out before it... uh... landed, so hopefully it hasn't shorted out.

Is there any hope of cleaning out the inside of this thing of water/feces and getting it working again? I'm a bit short on cash atm and would really prefer not to have to buy a new mouse.

Later in the thread, he's trying to explain himself, and RandomEngy responds in the greatest way possible.
Forum: Moe's Stupid Technology Tavern
Post: Awww crap.
Posted by: RandomEngy

Original Content:
Arkan wrote: »
Actually, it's quite a simple process:

1. I read stories on the internet about people who do really stupid things with electronics.
2. I get very smug. "Hah, those people are retards, I would never do something that stupid!"
3. I stop being cautious about some gadget.
4. I do something retarded to that gadget, probably less than 5 minutes after thinking "Well I should be careful, but only just in case! I'd never do something as retarded as (whatever)!"
5. I feel like a retard.

The worst part is that this is the second time I've gone through this process, so apparently I didn't learn my lesson the first time.

Lack of caution around a mouse might mean you knock it off the table, or spill a drink on it. Ending up in a full toilet with the battery out of it is not carelessness, it is a mystery.

It's like, "oh man, I forgot to lock my car and now it's on the moon."

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