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Social Entropy++: AWESOME POST in "Videogames of the Old School", by DarkPrimus

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Forum: Social Entropy++
Post: Videogames of the Old School
Posted by: DarkPrimus

Original Content:
Goatmon wrote: »
Just got the zombie genocider achivement on Dead Rising! Hoooooray

I was so confused when I heard they there was going to be a Wii version.

Nintendo should probably stop trying to do most of the things the bigger consoles are doing, and stick to the stuff they're actually good at.

Yeah I can imagine the phone call..

"Hey bitches, it's Iwata. Put me on the line with the head dude what made Dead Rising."

"H-hello? Sir?"

"Listen chumpkins, I can understand what you were trying to do with making Dead Rising into a title to show off what your little company can do in HD. That's cool. I respect that. But you already had a game to do that, remember? Little diddy called Lost Planet. Yeah see, we got Resident Evil 4 the definitive version. We got House of the Dead 2 and 3. We got the next Siren game and don't tell nobody but Konami is reimagining the first Silent Hill just for us. So look, we are RUNNING THIS SHOW for zombies and survival horror games, so you get your Dead Rising on our console or I will kill your dog and force your family to play Wii Fit until they die from dehydration."

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